The 10 Best Blogs for Filmmakers

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The 10 Best Blogs for Filmmakers

Our top ten blogs for all things filmmaking.

Filmmaking is a multifaceted art form. It involves creativity, perseverance, knowledge, and a sense of business. Not all of these things are necessarily learned in film school, or even in the field. Sometimes, you need a little help from your community. Where is the best place to find it? No shock here: the internet. We’ve compiled a list of our top ten blogs for filmmakers at your disposal. Whether you’re looking for news, equipment reviews, in-depth interviews or tips, you’ll find them all here.

No Film School

Why waste a king’s ransom on film school when you have the internet? This website proves that learning the tools of the trade doesn’t have to involve student loans, and their blog covers everything. Unsure of how to make foley footsteps? They’ve got you. Want to participate in an in-depth discussion about a film, without insufferable know-it-alls interrupting? Look no further. Constantly updated and never boring, No Film School is a Ritual favorite.

Filmmaker Magazine

With a focus on independent filmmaking and groundbreaking creativity, this is your go-to place for all things arthouse and beyond. Not only do they cover topics like DIY filmmaking and festival programming, but also fascinating interviews with groundbreaking filmmakers.


While sites like No Film School excel at the technical side of filmmaking, IndieWire is your go-to destination for news that both insiders and mega-fans can appreciate. You’ll find reviews, interviews, and news from all corners of the filmmaking universe.

Noam Kroll

Noam Kroll is a man who wears many hats. Not only does he run his own filmmaking website and blog, but he also directs, produces, writes and much more. His blog offers powerful insight into cinematography, producing, writing, and gear. Kroll is the real deal. His blogs are personal, direct and fun to read. He also has a podcast, one episode even features Ritual co-founder, Matthew Lyall!


Cinema5D prides itself on reviews that come directly from the field. They often review gear on the job where it becomes not just about the camera, but about its performance as well, while catering to real-life situations. Needless to say, this is incredibly valuable for filmmakers and gives Cinema5D a big advantage. They also have a section where users can upload their videos for other site users to check out.


This UK based organization was founded in the early 90’s by Elliot Grover and started out by giving a masterclass in filmmaking with Dov Simens. It then went on to start the Raindance Film Festival in London which premiered classics like Ghost World, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and The Blair Witch Project. They offer filmmaking courses internationally with an alumnus that will make your head spin: Christopher Nolan, Alison Owen, Guy Ritchie, the list goes on. Their blog is top notch and reflects a large range of topics like screenwriting, marketing and navigating the festival circuit.

Lights Film School

An excellent resource if you’re new to filmmaking or want to brush up your knowledge. Lights Film School is literally just that – an online film school offering programs in both filmmaking and music videos. Their blog is a great place to start if you’re looking for fundamental advice on everything from writing dialogue, productivity, and using creative constraints to your advantage.

MovieMaker Magazine

This magazine started as a small publication in Seattle in the early 90’s but has grown into one of the film world’s most beloved resources for all things film. So much so that it is still in print today. It also has one of the most diverse jam-packed blogs filled with articles about everything you could possibly think of that pertains to filmmaking. We love their blog series “What’s in Your Kit” and “Film School Alumni Advice”.


While Reddit is not a blog, it is an infinite resource for quite literally anything you can think of. Seach for anything film related and you’ll be sure to find some deep discussion thread, with a side order of pop culture nerd-out content.

Of all the websites, this one might be the most fun. Founded by John P. Hess who also makes the websites video content, it contains multitudes within its digital walls. Take an online course, participate in one of Hess’ live “Pubcasts”, or take one of their quizzes (if you’re into that kind of thing). It is a great resource for both technical and informational without taking itself too seriously.


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